Healing Warrior Hearts provides programs for military personnel and their families,
dedicated to healing the emotional, moral and spiritual wounds of war.
The Starfish Foundation, a 501c3 charitable organization,
sponsors Healing Warrior Hearts
and offers the programs at no cost to military veterans and their families.

War is more than the official theatre of combat, beyond physical action,
it is also a battle of the spirit resulting in moral or spiritual injury
and emotional trauma to the military
and to the families and friends who support them.

Who We Serve & What We Do:

Healing Warrior Hearts Programs:

  • Healing Warrior Hearts - military/veterans only
  • Warrior's Wisdom - advanced work, military only
  • Warrior Family Heart - military couples
  • Way of the Spiritual Warrior - A Journey of Love and Peace

Healing Warrior Hearts Programs guide the wounded to the peace that heals and strengthens their hearts. The gathering of community, unconditional love and the absence of judgment create the safety required for healing to occur.

Military personnel, veterans and families come together with civilians in retreats and other events to tell their stories and heal their hearts.

These programs are designed, led and staffed by experienced, committed and spirit-inspired individuals.

The Healing Warrior Hearts Weekend Program

Designed to give participants an extended experience, from Friday evening through Sunday evening, this program is not a residential retreat. Participants will return home each evening (unless they have traveled from a distance, in which case we will help to provide lodging for the weekend). The continuity of the three day program allows for a deeper experience of connection and emotional safety.

Veterans will experience a community of support from fellow vets as well as civilians, people committed and willing to listen to the vets' stories with compassion and confidentiality and without judgment.

For more details about the weekend program, please call our offices and we will gladly answer your questions and assist you with registration.

Register Now for the weekend program: http://www.centerforcreativelearning.com/registration_hwh.php

Warrior Family Heart

This special version of the Healing Warrior Hearts program is designed for couples. One partner must be a veteran to qualify to attend the retreat.

Participants will learn about the effects of PTSD and better understand the role that Post Traumatic Stress can play in behaviors and communications that strain the relationship. They will leave with tools to compassionately manage within the relationship, build more intimacy and create a deeper bond. Partners experience relief that they are not alone in their challenges and find caring friends who support them in navigating the sometimes rough waters of their relationship.

Couples often form deep connections with other couples and continue their friendships long past the weekend of the retreat. Many also come back to staff future retreats and share their successes and challenges to encourage the new participants.

For more information about the Couples weekend, please call our offices.

Register Now for the Healing Warrior Hearts Couples Weekend.

About Us

Patricia Clason, fondly known as the Sergeant Major's Daughter, is the founder of Healing Warrior Hearts. In 1993 she co-founded with Christan Kramer a weekend healing program, Bamboo Bridge, for Vietnam Veterans. In 2005, that program was updated to include veterans of all eras, combat and peacetime veterans and re-named Vets Journey Home. Patricia worked with Vets Journey Home until 2012. She was inspired to expand into the work of the Healing Warrior Hearts program in early 2013. Christan Kramer has returned, joining Patricia and Don DeCamp, as instructors for Healing Warrior Hearts.

Patricia is also the author/co-author and co-founder of Taking It Lightly (over 5,000 graduates nationally), Renewal, Walking in the Light, Step into the Light, Dancing in DeLight, Grief Relief and other weekend programs. Since 1983, she had led over 500 weekend programs for emotional healing. She holds the title of "Grandmother of the New Warrior Training Adventure" (a program offered by the Mankind Project) and has trained over 250 people to lead retreats and personal development programs. With Curtis Mitchell and Barb David, she leads the Trauma Recovery Facilitation Program, offered nationally, training facilitators to guide trauma healing.

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Patricia Clason

Don DeCamp

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If you are interested in volunteering for staffing a Healing Warrior Hearts weekend, please register and we will call you to help determine how you might get involved.


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Healing Warrior Hearts - Annual Retreat Week

Every fall, Healing Warrior Hearts offers a week-long retreat for veterans.

Veterans who attend this week-long retreat have an opportunity to do emotional healing work and to get some R&R. In the beautiful environment of a Camp, nature and a community of friends will help veterans heal their hearts, minds and souls.

Veterans can attend this week at no cost. We are not however able to provide air transportation. If a veteran is from Wisconsin, we will do all we can to help find transportation to Camp. We will also help coordinate transportation from Milwaukee or Madison airports to the Camp.

Register Now for the Annual Retreat Week: http://www.centerforcreativelearning.com/registration_hwh.php

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