Patricia Clason Bio


In 1989, Patricia responded to a request from Christan Kramer, a VietNam veteran and graduate of Taking It Lightly (her weekend emotional intelligence program), to co-create a program for VietNam veterans. She agreed and over next ten years, they taught many Bamboo Bridge weekends across the country.

In 2004, Gene McMahon invited Patricia to return to the work with veterans in the Vets Journey Home (evolved from the Bridge to include all veterans).  She worked with Vets Journey Home developing the organization, obtaining it's 501c3 status and training instructors until September 2012.

In 2013 she developed a new program for veterans, Healing Warrior Hearts, incorporating creative arts and other experiences into the work. She also developed a Healing Warrior Hearts retreat for couples.

Growing up as a Sergeant Major’s daughter, losing a close friend to suicide in VietNam, losing a boyfriend to PTSD when he returned from VietNam, and protesting the VietNam war are just some of the experiences that created the compassion and understanding she brings to this work.

A survivor of sexual abuse, she continues to work on symptoms of PTSD in her own life as well as helping others to recovery.

The exploration of personal growth and human resource development that started for her in 1970 continues today, along traditional and some not-so-traditional paths.

A weekend in Colorado in 1983 introduced Patricia to Understanding Yourself and Others, which morphed into Taking It Lightly in 1986 (read her story at

Patricia also co-authored and teaches Step Into the Light, Walking in the Light, and Dancing in DeLight, all weekend intensives for emotional intelligence and healing.

Thirty-five years of doing her own personal growth work, plus as many years studying psychology and life, have given her deep compassion, understanding and empathy for the challenges that are brought to the Taking It Lightly and Healing Warrior Hearts course rooms.