Don DeCamp Bio


After a long tour of duty in Vietnam, I came home, pretty shut down. I coped by being an alcoholic for many years after my return. When I conquered the alcohol, I was still what called what is called a dry drunk. No drinking, still had the issues.

In 1997 a friend told me about Taking It Lightly and a weekend called Bamboo Bridge. I participated in both programs and had the honor of Christan Kramer (founder of Bamboo Bridge) teaching my weekends. Those two weekends, a month apart, changed my life. After doing the emotional work, I had more energy that I knew what to do with because I was no longer using all my energy to stuff my feelings.

Over the years, I have staffed many Taking It Lightly and Bamboo Bridge weekends. I am very honored to be an instructor for Taking It Lightly and Healing Warrior Hearts. I have staffed Taking It Lightly in three states and two countries, staffed veterans retreats in two states, with more to come in the future. Having been down the dark roads of life, I am willing to go there again with those who want to heal their hearts. Sharing my journey helps others to feel safe and know that I can walk with them and help them return.

I am currently enrolled in a Wayne State University program for Social Work, with a goal of being a therapist for veterans.

When I can look across at a veteran and see in his or her eyes, the healing and welcoming home, it helps heal me. It is so amazing to me that in helping others heal, I can heal myself. I can think of no better place to spend my weekends and to dedicate my life's work.